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Thank you for your interest in a listing with We are happy to offer our customers 4 membership offers. Basic memberships are free, however Enhanced and Business listings help take promotion of your company to the next level.

Enhanced and Business listings do not show ads on the page (except for the top banner) and will always be at the top of category listings and searches. Paid listings also help your sites and social media pages get noticed by consumers.

If you are a business that does not specifically target Jews, we ask that you please choose a Business listing. Your Business will appear in our Business directory, which is viewed by a large number of Jews looking for individuals who support the Jewish community of Baltimore. Business listings have an additional feature not available to other membership types - we allow our users to show products they sell, along with images.

Features Enhanced (1 Month) Enhanced (Lifetime) Business Free
Category Limit: 2 2 2 1
Featured: -
Description Size: 1500 1500 1500 500
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Suggestions: - - -
HTML Editor: -
Logo: -
Offer Images: - - -
Number of Offers: 0 0 5 0
Number of Images: 3 3 5 0
Pricing: $10.00
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